The Disruptor Coffee

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Our medium roast house blend is sure to disrupt your normal way of thinking and create your own meaning of freedom.

A blend of Nicaraguan and Guatemalan coffees.


TASTE PROFILE:  Deep Full bodied smoky and sweet with hints of cherry and chocolate.

ROAST LEVEL: Medium Roast

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BLACK•OLOGY Coffee Company, Cultivating a Love of Black Coffee

BLACK•OLOGY Coffee Company was created for coffee lovers from all walks of life. Our passion for coffee and the passion we exude for our selections is evident in our product selection: a sensationally smooth, jam packed flavor filled cup each and every time. We are committed to serving you that perfect roast to ensure enjoyment of the essence of our coffees. Our assortment of bold, rich flavors come in different strengths and roasts, so there is sure to be something for everyone from the coffeeholic to those simply looking for a pick me up. So, kick back and enjoy the ride!