Our Story

Meet Lori Jones Owner, and CEO of both Jonesies LLC and Black·ology Coffee Company; Former Head Chef for an amazing Sorority at UNC-Chapel, and resourceful mother of two boys. Though donning several different hats throughout her day Lori yet manages to make time to pursue her dreams. Let's read some of Lori's story.


The Pandemic

The Covid-19 shut down compelled Lori to reflect on her life and dreams. Her time of reflection led her to create and devise a plan to manifest those dreams, Jonesies LLC and Black·ology Coffee Company. Jonesies LLC is a natural skincare company that launched April 2020. Black·ology Coffee Company officially launched on July 13th, 2020. The focus of Black·ology Coffee Company is to “cultivate a love of black coffee” by way of the community, the development of relationships, and the tool of education. “Coffee has always been my passion. For years my colleagues and friends would come to me inquiring where to find the best coffees. Now thanks to Black·ology Coffee Company, they know. I have both the answer and the coffee! Yes, it took some time, but I was finally able to make this dream come true. Providing education on black coffee and transitioning coffee lovers to truly experiencing coffee, black coffee, or at least with minimal additions, is such a treat for me. Within the next 3-5 years, I will open a physical coffee shop in a black community.”


Back on Track

“Though there have been many life challenges propelling me to reconnect with God, it took me some time to embrace Him. I was reintroduced to God in January of this year. It was when I opened up my heart and mind to Him that it all began, and it positioned me to be blessed beyond measure. Surely, it was HE who led me to these businesses. And though these opportunities did not make sense to me at the time, I trusted him all the more. I learned to follow his lead. I now see that God has been such an instrumental part of my life and business, and I am absolutely grateful.


Worthy Connections

It is such a wonderful journey. So many doors have opened for me and my business ventures. It feels good to know that I am finally walking in my purpose. Nowadays, most of my time is spent with my small group from the Summit Church, my personal branding coach Mia LaMotte, my good friend and mentor Ryan Ray, my best friend Shalisa Clifton, friend Cornelius Kirk, Demetrius Hunter of the Black Farmers Hub, and with my sister/friend Kimberly Winborne and other women leaders connected by the Praying She-O.



After a short return to my job then quickly going out on a medical leave, there were a lot of question marks when I decided to leave it for good on August 10th, 2020. It was beyond a step, and more like a leap of faith! Being a single parent, while conducting and working two new businesses presented quite a task. Even now, I am not sure how I do it all. But it gets done. It helps me tremendously when I seek the word of God. It is in His Word, that I learn ways to make my life easier, how to boost my income, and how to provide my boys with the best life possible.